Fine Dining...Austin Style.

Wink Wine Bar is a sophisticated, energy-filled space where you can get a really good glass of wine and experience all that Wink has to offer with last-minute convenience. The Wine Bar features a more casual environment and service than in the dining room, and reservations are not necessary to enjoy the intimacy of the Wine Bar. Seating is "first come - first serve" for bar patrons. Often guests of the restaurant choose to start or finish their dining experience in the bar. It is a great place to unwind after a long day, and a welcoming, comfortable space for a quick glass of wine or for a whole evening.

YES, you can eat at the Wine Bar! To go with our extensive wine list, we prepare a special Bar Menu of light pub bites. In addition, the entire Restaurant Menu is available in the bar, where service is more laid-back and lively than in the dining room. It's a more casual way to enjoy the Wink culinary experience. We are passionate about our wine! Every day, our sommeliers meet with vintners, growers and wine purveyors from around the globe to make the selections that comprise our very special "Winklist."

We take the wine business seriously and we constantly strive to bring the best, tastiest, most unique, and challenging selections we can find to enrich our client's taste experience. You can expect a full range of selections in reds, whites, off-beat finds, and sparkling delights from around the world. Our extensive "By-The Glass List" is available by the 2 oz taste, as well as by the glass or bottle, allowing you to determine the kind of tasting you want to experience that evening.



(512) 482-8868



1014 North Lamar Blvd.,
Suite E
Austin, Texas 78703



The Wine Bar:  5pm

The Restaurant:

Mon-Wed: 6pm
Thurs-Sat: 5:30pm

Sundays Reserved: Private Events